Purpose and Objectives

The conference is being covered to discuss the national and international experiences in strengthening nuclear programs for the sustainable and security of energy. This forum will be an ideal for :

  1. Nuclear technology and science exercises
  2. Review the current status of the nuclear energy technology and sciences
  3. Review the current status and efforts of the policy, program, strategy and regulation of the nuclear power plant embarking countries as well as learn the best practice of previous well established countries
  4. Reaffirm and support the government, industry and university in nuclear technology program including other related activity such as public acceptance, infrastructure as well as the nuclear applications in various field
  5. Raise the awareness of nuclear technology contributions for public, local, national and regional governments
  6. Network strengthening with technology provider/vendor.

This conference expects participants from government policy makers, regulatory body, technical support experts, technology vendor and academician from universities. The conference will be three parts: ministerial and policy maker forums, technical forums, and technology vendor forums.